Pots is a quaint family owned hotpot restaurant and herbal tea shop located in the city Peabody. Pots is the first speakeasy Hotpot spot in the North Shore and we strive to provide exceptional flavor and creativity in all our dishes. Upon entry, the herbal tea shop has a display of international teas, spices, herbs & mushrooms to choose from. As you walk through the speakeasy door you step into a traditional Chinese Huo Guo. Hotpot is a communal cooking dish, that originated in China, where a pot of simmering broth is placed in the center of the table and diners cook a variety of raw ingredients including vegetables, noodles, high quality meats & hand crafted dumplings! At Pots we serve unique flavorful broths with a variety of spices. Once the ingredients are cooked, help yourself to the sauce bar and add some additional flavors to the mix! Hotpot is often enjoyed as a social meal with family and friends. We would like to welcome the community & share the rich cultural history of hotpot!